Expenses and Carefulness

Expenses and Carefulness

Of course, all adoptions must comply with strict international requirements. These requirements are also becoming stricter, which results in more work and more expenses for both the sending and the receiving country. The expenses strongly vary per placement and depend on the state of origin, the background of the child, the moment that the intended match takes place, necessary (medical) expenses and etcetera.

To avoid any misunderstandings:

  • Everything revolves around the child’s best interests; our focus is on finding parents for children and not on finding children for parents.
  • PAPs do not pay for (the adoption of) a child, they pay a contribution to the expenses that ANW and our partners in the USA have to make for the direct and indirect activities concerning the counseling and guidance provided to the birth parents, finding solutions for children, and for the guidance provided during the adoption mediation.
  • Expenses have to be made in the sending country and receiving county.
  • In the USA, the legal expenses, the counseling expenses and other necessary (medical) expenses are being approved by the court of the state of origin. This takes place in every individual adoption case.
  • The USA is a Western world country. To guarantee the carefulness other expenses levels apply compared to third world countries.
  • Adoption agencies in the USA require a license – just like in the Netherlands – which must be issued and supervised, and a part of the procedure is the approval of the so-called agency fees.
  • ANW and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice both review and assess every individual adoption case. If needed, additional questions will be asked, for example concerning the fees and the expenses before a final approval is being issued.
  • Before the finalization of the adoption and the issuing of the Hague Adoption Certificate, the American government carefully checks if everything has taken place in compliance with the current laws and regulations.

So what does it comes down to?

The expenses on the Dutch side of the adoption procedure for PAPs are as follows as from January 1, 2018:

  1. Intake stage

€ 1 000.00 for the intake interview (reading and assessing the home study report by the ANW team, holding the interview, and assessing the suitability for a USA procedure)

  1. Procedure stage

After being accepted by ANW, the general contribution must be paid upon registering:

€ 8 500.00 as a contribution to the direct and indirect activities executed for the children by ANW. On an annual basis, the difference must be paid between the already paid general contribution and the contribution as determined by the ANW Supervisory Board, to make sure that not only the newly applicants have to pay for any increases in expenses due to price indexation, change in policy, etcetera.  If an increase is not necessary, no additional contribution shall be passed on to you.

  1. Procedure specific expenses, such as fees, legal expenses, travel expenses, any legal expenses after arrival home, and post-placement expenses.

If you need further information regarding the expense structure, please feel free to contact us.

If PAPs decide to stop the adoption procedure (for whatever reason), or if ANW or the American partner has to end the collaboration, no restitution shall take place. ANW is a non-profit organization and doesn’t make a profit. We’re operating under the assumption that starting an adoption procedure concerns a careful and well-thought-through decision.

The specific expenses of a USA adoption procedure vary from case, state and contact. The PAPs can contact us to request the flyer “Basic Information” for further information and insights. Furthermore, the expenses shall also be discussed during the orientation session, and again in detail during the intake, because at that time there shall also be insight into the current situation.