Our Organization

Our Organization

Adoption Foundation A New Way (ANW) is a non-profit organization and provides mediation services for intercountry adoption procedures from the USA.

ANW Goals & Objectives

As written in our Articles of Association, the Foundation’s goals as a non-profit organization are:

  1. to provide intercountry adoption mediation services for children who are in a situation that: intercountry adoption is in the child’s best interests, a permanent placement in a(n) (adoption) family in the child’s country of origin is not possible or not desirable, and the child is available for adoption based on the country’s laws and legislation;
  2. to assist PAPs with the intercountry adoption of a child, within the boundaries and possibilities of the international and national laws and legislation, insofar this stays within the Foundation’s power and possibilities.

Mission & Vision

Adoption Foundation A New Way (ANW) is a non-profit organization and provides intercountry mediation services for adoptions from the USA.

Our mission and vision is to offer solutions to children who cannot be placed in a warm, loving, and safe family situation in their country of origin. For those children we need approved Dutch PAPs with the goal to provide the children with a safe family situation that is filled with love and understanding to grow up in. The emphasis is on the children’s best interests, and not so much on the wishes but particularly on the capacities of the adoptive parents and what they can handle.

That’s the objective of A New Way.

Everything truly revolves around the child, and the biological family often plays a permanent role. We emphasize that the focus is not on finding children for adoptive parents, but finding adoptive parents for a child who needs parents. Therefore, we need well-prepared and realistic prospective adoptive parents with a deep desire to adopt a child that already exists or that is on the way.